About Us

Arkcities is a collection of like-minded travel enthusiasts. In addition to a love of travel, these enthusiasts understand how to maximize value from Rewards Programs and Credit Card offers to travel in ways that would otherwise not be possible. Whether that means getting a family of six across the Atlantic Ocean for affordable prices or taking a shower while 35,000 feet above the ground while traveling in Emirates First Class – all travel goals are attainable.

I founded this blog after five years of exploring rewards programs and credit card sign-up bonuses. I’ve flown first class to multiple continents, seen sunsets over the Gulf of Thailand and the Arabian Desert, and have dipped in private splash pools in more countries than I can remember. After attempting to start my own independent blog, I realized that life often got in the way of constant updates. And that is the experience of most bloggers on this site.

We simply want to share our stories, and through our own travels shine a light on various tips, tricks and opportunities so that anyone can walk in our footsteps, whether it is the footprints left in the sand in the Maldives or those hiking the Inca Trail.

We don’t write these blogs for a living. We don’t travel for a living. We do all that we can to create unimaginable travel experiences for ourselves, our friends and our families, and then share those with anyone who is interested in listening.